Piggy Back Forklifts

We offer a piggyback forklift lorry service, this is a 26t vehicle with a forklift attached to the back. This enables us to be able to unload your goods on site where a forklift isn't available, the forklift is able to operate on all terrain this combined with a lift capacity of 2.5t makes it ideal to unload on construction sites and many other locations. The forklift can drive sideways allowing it to fit long loads through narrow passageways, the forklift can offload from one side of the lorry which enables us to work on sites with limited space. The forklift works independently to the vehicle allowing us to park the vehicle and move the load to wherever you require.

The forklift:

  • Able to drive on all terrains
  • Lifting capacity of 2.5T
  • Drives sideways enabling us to deliver through narrow passageways and doors
  • Load and unload without assistance
  • We can unload from one side of the lorry to help with restricted space
  • The forklift is independent from the vehicle allowing it to unload wherever you require
  • We also have a lifting jib enabling us to lift loads from the top, this is similar to crane but without the reach limits