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Technical Specifications

Maximum Load Weights
Maximum Loads

Crane Vehicle 7t / Curtain Side 8.5t with Tail Lift that can lift 2.5t

Maximum Crane Reach and Load Weights
Configured with a crane the following shows a guide to lifting weights at various crane lengths.

At a length of 4.4m lifting capacity is 3.6t

At a length of 6.3m lifting capacity is 2.4t

At a length of 8.3m lifting capacity is 1.8t

At a maximum length of 10.4m lifting capacity is 1.4t

Bed Maximum Holding Dimensions
The vehicle bed has the following maximum safe loading dimensions.

Pallet Equivalent: 
Crane Vehicle 10 EU size pallets / Curtain Side 14 EU size pallets

Maximum Load Length: 
Crane Vehicle 6.6m / Curtain Side 7.8m

Maximum Load Width:

Bed height from ground level:


18 Tonne Vehicle
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