26 Tonne Vehicle Logo
26t Vehicles Various Configurations

Our biggest brutes (we love them really).  Capable of carrying 15t without a fork lift or 13t with. Crane vehicle also available with a maximum payload weight of 10.5t.  Click here to see more.

18 Tonne Vehicle Logo
18t Crane Vehicle and Curtain Sider with Tail Lift

A tad smaller than our 26 tonners but with the benefit of a crane making this a very versatile truck.  Capable of carrying 5t and can lift  various weights at various lengths.  We also have a Curtain Side capable of carrying 8.5t with a Tail Lift.  Click here to see more.

15 Tonne Vehicle Logo
15t Vehicles Various Configurations

Our 15t vehicles can be configured as a curtain sider with crane or without so again allowing the flexibility to meet our customers needs.  Click here to see more.

12 Tonne Vehicle Logo
12t Vehicles with Crane

Smaller still, our nimble little 12t vehicles come with a crane and are ideal for tighter on site jobs and those with size restrictions.  Click here to see more.

3.5 Tonne Vehicle Logo
3.5t Vehicles Various Configurations

Our 3.5 tonners are capable of more than you think.  With curtain side, flat and with mounted crane these nimble work horses come in to their own for smaller loads about town.  Click here to see more.

Smaller Vans Log
Various Smaller Vans

Available for smaller loads or multi drop, our smaller van fleet are capable of carrying up to 800kg.  Click here to see more.